Nyota_Uhura,_2258J.J. Abrams made Zoe Saldana re-do her scenes in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’.

She told Empire magazine: ”He writes these mouthfuls of dialogue and it’s hard for me because Spanish my first language. So there were moments, at least once a day, where we’d have to cut and he was like, ‘Zoe, it’s not traject-ory, it’s traj-ECT-ory.’

”Or he’d say, ‘That was great, but this next take, say it all 30 per cent faster!’ It was a trip.”

Despite finding it difficult to keep up with the director, she praised Abrams’ ability to lead such an ambitious film.

She said: ”He’s a wonderful leader because he’s very demanding, but with such kindness and care that his crew and his cast feel a part of him.”

Source Empire Magazine