During a recent press conference Zachary Quinto spoke about how reprising his role of Spock for the sequel required a far more physical performance from him than 2009’s Star Trek, and spoke about his preparations for the new challenge.

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-Screenshot-Spock-Phaser“This film was a lot more physically demanding for me personally, so there was a lot of eating and running around, lifting things that are heavier than I’m used to.”

“So suit brushes, hairbrushes… we started there and gradually moved up to cereal boxes, soup cans by the third week of filming,” Quinto joked.”

“But it was really a great challenge… the way that we all needed to be ready to enter into this world, which is just a lot more, I would say aggressive. And not in a violent way necessarily, but just in a sensory way, I think this world is bigger.”

Original source Digital Spy