Rumours of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy returning for the third Star Trek film in 2016, might have been confirmed by the former Captain Kirk himself at Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con last weekend.

In a interview with Mail Online, William Shatner says he’s in quite the ‘dilemma’ but is ‘very excited’ about the new film.

‘Here’s my dilemma, I was cautioned not to speak about this and the next day it was out all over Twitter,’ says Shatner

‘So I talked about it and then I get another phone call telling me to keep quiet again! All I can say is that I’m very excited about the film.’

Shatner also mentioned Chris Pine and how he shares a likeness with him.

‘You know everyone commented on how good looking he is, so by extension that means I am too,’ the Canadian actor laughed.

With William Shatner appearing at Destination Star Trek 3 this weekend he had this to say:

‘I love contacting the fans and hearing what they have to say and have them hear what I have to say,’ Shatner said.

‘I have a good time and there’s a certain amount of renewal that I need and it’s great to see children and their mothers and their mothers’ mothers coming down.’

Source Mail Online