terryandwestmoreCreation will hold a Saturday Cosplay Focus Day on Saturday, August 2, during its Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Saturday Cosplay Focus Day will include costume contests, mass photo ops, Trek stars in costume and celebrity judges.

Star Trek.com has reveled that Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Michael Westmore and actress Terry Farrell will reunite on Saturday, with Westmore applying makeup to Farrell that will once again – and for the first time since she departed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – transform Farrell into her longtime DS9 character, Jadzia Dax, Trill spots and all, live in front of an audience.

“All of us here at Creation are really excited to bring something this special even to our Vegas audiences, a first-time attraction that involves two of our all-time favorites,” Creation Entertainment co-founder and co-COO Gary Berman told StarTrek.com. “We’re calling this on-stage event DAX #539 because it will be Michael Westmore’s 539th time making up Terry Farrell as Dax, and first time since DS9 ended.

“Having a legend like Mr. Westmore at the convention is an honor for us,” Berman added. “And, of course, everyone loves Terry, as her appearance last year clearly showed. Together, on-stage, they are sure to provide one of the true highlights of the convention.”

For more info on the event visit Creation Entertainment’s website

Original source article Star Trek.com