StarTrek_Warp50_Logotype_R5Wikia and Roddenberry Entertainment have teamed up to allow fans from around the world to submit videos highlighting their favorite Star Trek memories in celebration of the franchise’s upcoming 50th anniversary.

Trek Initiative, which was launched by Roddenberry Entertainment and Wikia last year, have launched new Project called “Warp 5.0: Fandom’s Two-Year Trek Toward Sci-Fi’s Golden Anniversary,”.

The campaign will consist of several programming initiatives (things like Star Trek-themed Qwizards and Showcases with celebrity talent, a massive character bracket tournament, a fan film contest, etc.) and will incorporate presences at several live events over the course of the two years. We’re kicking off the Warp 5.0 campaign with the first ever Star Trek “Fan Census” that will allow you to record your favorite Star Trek Memory and listen to those of other Star Trek fans around the world. The first of these will be recorded at this year’s official Star Trek Vegas Convention. – Trek Initiative

“It’s really fantastic to have the chance to pull in personal fan content around such an important milestone for my family,” said Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of Star Trek mastermind Gene Roddenberry. “My father would be proud to be part of such a collaborative initiative celebrating the fandom of his legacy.”

The world’s first and only “census” of Star Trek fandom that allows YOU to participate in the Warp 5.0 celebration, bolstering Trek fandom for generations to come. Participants are asked to look directly into the camera and record their name, where they’re from, why they’re a Trek fan, and what their favorite Trek memory is.

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