Vulcan Ale 2A logical choice for a palate pleasing libation. Vulcan Alberta’s Amber-Style VULCAN ALE will raise your eyebrow with exuberance. So, meld your mind with this memorable malt beverage, and reason… This amber is created with the use of choice hops and a unique blend of specialty malts to produce a rich and tasty brew. It is especially unique due to its original flavor influenced by biscuit and earthy characteristics.

“Vulcan Ale will be a high-quality handcrafted Irish Red Ale that promises to explore a new universe of taste,” Vern Raincock, founder and CEO of DeLancey Direct, said in a statement.

DeLancey Direct Incorporated set to bring the new bottled brew to market in Canada on May 1.


Vulcan Ale 1

Source DeLancey Direct