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We talk Trek! We cover all Star Trek Series, talk conventions and chat to some great special guests.

Visionary Trek – Discovering Discovery, part 1.

Welcome back to Visionary Trek after a short and much needed life hiatus. Michael and Bunny return to chat news which is mostly Star Trek Discovery. Join them as they chat characters, actors and how much Discovery will soon be taking over our little Trekkie lives....

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Visionary Trek – First Officers – Kira

Welcome to another Visionary Trek. Bunny and Michael finally chat Kira and they are joined by a very special guest - Nana Visitor! Join them as they throw away the show notes and chat linear time, Kira's PTS(no D), Dukat and Odo. The prophets would approve. Visonary...

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Visionary Trek – Discovering Vegas and Blackpool….

Welcome to  this special edition of Visionary Trek. With celebrations in full swing for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary Bunny and Michael discuss what Star Trek means to them. Bunny and Michael also discuss their recent away missions to Vegas and Blackpool for STV50 and...

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Visionary Trek – Conversations from the Great Link

Welcome to another Visionary Trek podcast. On this show Bunny and Michael chat Star Trek news in the run up to Creation's Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 event. Hear their thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery, more on Beyond, STLV50 and the licensed Star Trek products from...

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Visionary Trek Goes Beyond…

Welcome to this special edition of Visionary Trek. Bunny and Michael are joined by Jon Taylor to discuss Star Trek Beyond; the new Star Trek film that’s released on the 22nd July 2016. The trio were able to attend the premiere on the 10th July in London and finally...

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Visionary Trek – First Officers – Riker

Welcome to  another Visionary Trek. Bunny and Michael are joined by Roslyn from The Captain’s Table to continue the theme of looking at the first officers of Star Trek. For this show they look at Riker from The Next Generation. They discuss the characters development...

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