SF Ball 21 - 15Welcome to another Visionary Trek. Michael welcomes Jon Taylor, Visionary Trek’s news editor to the show to discuss the 21st SF Ball which was held over the weekend of 6th to the 8th February 2015. Attending the convention was Robert Duncan McNeil and Manu Intiraymi.  As well as discussing their experiences at the event you can also listen to the interview that Michael, Jon and Sam and Sarah from the Trekkie Girls had with Robert and Manu.

Michael and Jon would like to thank SFB Events for allowing us press access to the event and for the chance to interview Robert and Manu. Also big thanks to Sam and Sarah from the Trekkie Girls.



SF Ball 21 – 2015 http://www.visionarytrek.com/sf-ball-21-2015/

SF Ball 21 – 2015 – Star Trek Talk http://www.visionarytrek.com/sf-ball-21-2015-star-trek-talk/


SF Ball 21 - 45Visionary Trek – 5th Passenger Interview 

Visionary Trek Presents: Manu Intiraymi Interview

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