Manu IntiraymiWelcome to Visionary Trek. In this week’s special, Laura and Jon caught up with Manu Intirayami best known for playing Icheb on Star Trek Voyager.

There’s some interesting talk as Laura and Jon find out about all of Manu’s recent projects including J.Edgar where he was directed by Clint Eastwood, 5th Passenger, Benjamin Troubles and of course Star Trek Renegades.


You can find Manu Intiraymi at:

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Twitter: @ManuIntiraymi

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Manu’s Speed Reel

Upcoming projects:

Benjamin Troubles:

5th Passenger: sci fi film with Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips, trailer can be seen at

Abstraction: film with Eric Roberts, trailer can be seen here

Star Trek Renegades: the trailer can be seen at


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