robert-beltranIn this special show Bunny and Michael are joined by Commander Chakotay himself Robert Beltran. Robert tells us about the upcoming Resilient film project, his love of Shakespeare, joining social media and of course Star Trek Voyager.


Dermot Turner is a spaceship engineer working on a solar sail concept at a research campus on Mars while Earth is on her final days, ravaged by natural disasters and the arrival of planet X in the Solar System. Dermot, whose wife Claire has died in a tornado in California, returns to Earth to battle the elements, rescue his friends and family, and build a space sail ship in time to depart Earth and find a way to stay alive, forever resilient.

RESILIENT 3D PosterNews article about Resilient 3D

New Sci-Fi Film “Resilient 3D” Starring Star Trek’s Robert Beltran

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