Mersey-Sci Fantom WeekendWelcome to Visionary Trek. Bunny and Michael start the show with a look at the current Star Trek book releases, they also look at the new Star Trek Into Darkness Compendium and discuss Destination Star Trek London which returns in October 2014.

In the main part of the show Bunny and Michael are joined by Andy Sciacca who has organised the Mersey-Sci Fantom Weekend which is a fan funded event being held on July 19th 2014 in Southport. The guests include Dominic Keating and Max Grodénchik. During the show Andy tells Bunny and Michael about his reasons for setting up the event and what we can expect from the day.

Visionary Trek are pleased to say we will be covering the Mersey-Sci Fantom Weekend and will be keeping everyone up to date on the latest news as it happens.  We are also pleased to welcome Andy as a friend of Visionary Trek.

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