klingon_hamletWelcome to the first Visionary Trek of 2015. On this show Bunny and Michael finally get back on track and continue the theme  of Alien species of Star Trek.  In this show they take a look the Klingons and their first appearance in The Original Series episode: “Errand of Mercy”. They also talk about their other appearances within the Star Trek universe including Klingons and Shakespeare.  Before that Bunny and Michael catch up on the latest news including Simon Pegg to write Star Trek 3 and what William Shatner is up next. Expect some terrible jokes from Michael and some bloopers at the end.

William Shatner Presents Chaos on the Bridge


Star Trek’s Chase Masterson To Appear On The Flash


Simon Pegg To Co-Write Star Trek 3


Chris Pine: Simon Pegg is the ‘Perfect Fit’ to write Star Trek 3



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