Welcome to this special edition of Visionary Trek. We start the show with the news of Destination Star Trek London which returns in October 2014.

In the main part of the show, Bunny and Michael are joined by Will Ross and James Zeun from FCD Events Group to discuss the fan-funded event First Contact Day held in April 2014. During the show, Will and James tell us about their vision for fan-funded events, their reasons for starting FCD and what we can expect for 2015.

Visionary Trek is pleased to say we will be covering First Contact Day in 2015 and will be keeping everyone up to date on the latest news as it happens. We are also pleased to welcome FCD Events as a friend of Visionary Trek.

DST 3 Website: http://www.destinationstartrek.com/

Our section on DST 3: http://www.visionarytrek.com/category/destination-star-trek-3/

First Contact Day

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