Avery BrooksWelcome to our fifth episode and our fourth looking at our first theme: the captains’ of Star Trek. In this show  Bunny, Michael and Laura look at Captain Benjamin Sisko. Starting from the beginning with “Emissary” they discuss how Sisko was like no captain Star Trek had ever seen before, they look at his first encounters with some of his crew and an explosive encounter with Jean Luc Picard. They also look at the darker side of Sisko by discussing  “In the Pale Moonlight” and how his obsession with bringing the Romulans into the Dominion War puts him into an ethical and moral dilemma with himself.

We also look at the latest Trek news with Jon Taylor, discuss Ro Laren (well, Michael does) and talk Eve Myles……

iPhone Case That Works Similar To Star Trek’s Tricorder

Star Trek: The Worf Of Wall Street

Star Trek Nominated For 6 Saturn Awards


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