RS2-SOCIAL-BANNER_FB_Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman the creators of The Red Shirt Diaries have successfully completed their IndieGoGo campaign in the first 3 days of it being released. They set a goal of $2,800 in order to fund a second season of adventures with Ensign Williams. Now with 32 days remaining on the campaign, they have added some stretch goals. With these extra goals they can increase the production levels and make more episodes.

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Stretch Goals

  • $3,600 – every contributor at the $10 level and above will receive a 8×10 glossy photo of Ensign Williams signed by Ashley Victoria Robinson. Plus, we’ll shoot one more episode of The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2, and see Ensign Williams react to Spock’s pon farr crisis in the first episode of TOS’s second season “Amok Time!”
  • $4,200 – we will shoot an episode of The Red Shirt Diaries at Starbase Studios on their TOS bridge set! They have graciously extended us an offer to shoot there, unfortunately we would still need to cover travel expenses from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City.

To help reach their stretch goals, go to your Indiegogo account or create one, and share any of the links. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) If someone donates to this campaign using that link you share, you can get some great rewards. Even if you haven’t donated yourself!

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