Star Trek Continues have successfully reached their Kirkstarter 2.0 campaign goal to raise $100,000 to make two new episodes. They currently have $114,082 with 19 days remaining on the campaign.

Star Trek Continues have now moved onto some of their stretch goals.

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The Stretch Goals:

  • $150,000 • Our chief engineer “Scotty” wants to upgrade engineering! If we raise $150,000, we can make his wish come true — and he can celebrate with something “green.”
  • $175,000 • You want us to visit “planets” — and so do we! If we hit our stretch goal of $175,000, we can build additional sets… and our away team — complete with red shirts — can explore new worlds.
  • $225,000 • We can produce one additional episode, for a total of three!
  • $275,000 • We can produce another additional episode, for a total of four!

Every $50,000 raised will be used to produce additional episodes of Star Trek Continues. (If we don’t quite make the $50,000, any monies raised will be used to upgrade sets, costumes, etc.)


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