5th Passenger NEW poster5th Passenger is a Indie sci-fi thriller about four astronauts stranded in deep space. They have successfully completed their Kickstarter project. They set a goal of $65,000 to help with production and general costs of the film. With 3 days remaining on the campaign they added some stretch goals.

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Stretch Goal #1

We hit 100% funded!!! but let’s go further… the more we raise, the better the movie will be! If we reach $72,000, everyone who pledged (even $1) will get a Digital Download of the Behind the Scenes Documentary featurette, “The Making of 5th Passenger”!

They successfully completed this first stretch goal today by passing the $75K goal. Now with 25 hours left, there is enough time for another stretch goal.

Stretch Goal #2

We flew right past our first Stretch Goal in no time! Now if we reach $77,000, everyone who pledged (even $1) will get thanked by name in a video by the cast and crew while we’re on set filming…PLUS our very wonderful Hana Hatae will do a selfie video of her dancing to a special thank you song!

UPDATED: 7/11/14

They successfully completed this second stretch goal today by passing the $77K goal. Now with 3 hours left, is there enough time for another stretch goal?

Stretch Goal #3

 If we hit $85,000 everyone who donated will get to see an exclusive 5 minute clip from the completed film before it is released!

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