A large amount of original footage from Star Trek TNG ‘The Measure Of A Man’ was cut from the episode during editing but has been restored for the TNG Season 2 Blu-ray release.
Data’s rights as an individual are challenged when a senior Starfleet scientist wishes to disassemble the android to learn how to build more officers like him.

The extended version is 57 minutes, containing approximately 13 minutes of restored scenes and visual effects, which includes the following:

  • Admiral Nakamura arrives onboard the Enterprise – 1st added scene
  • Admiral Nakamura talks to Picard via the computer screen – 2nd added scene
  • Picard reading the Starfleet regulations – 3rd added scene
  • Data gives Geordi his Sherlock Holmes pipe as a gift and talk about what they would do if they left Starfleet – 4th added scene
  • Doctor Pulaski gives advice to Data – 5th added scene
  • Riker, Troi and Maddox scene – 6th added scene
  • Picard added voice over – 7th added scene
  • Picard sword fighting with Riker walking in – 8th added scene
  • Data and Picard plan their case – 9th added scene
  • Data and Riker talk, 3 new lines – 10th added scene

The extra footage only existed with the writer Melinda Snodgrass. All that existed was a VHS videotape of it. CBS was able to extend the cut with them finding the originally filmed segments.
A really great episode from Season 2. I enjoyed re-watching and seeing the new footage for the first time in HD.  There is also a Hybrid version combining the HD on-air version of “The Measure of a Man” with video of the extra material taken from the VHS rough-cut of the episode that the writer Melinda Snodgrass had. There is also an audio commentary with Mike and Denise Okuda and writer Melinda Snodgrass on the making of the episode.