ThinkGeek Star Trek Wesley Crusher hoodieNew from Think Geek is Star Trek The Next Generation Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie. This hoodie is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive.

Light grey below, with dark grey on the shoulders and a black hood lining, this hoodie features the familiar three-horizontal-stripe design across the shoulders, with the green coming up and overlapping the red on the left shoulder just as in the original.

Product Specifications:

  • A hoodie version of Wesley Crusher’s uniform from ST:TNG
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation apparel
  • A ThinkGeek Creation & Exclusive
  • Wil Wheaton - ThinkGeek Star Trek Wesley Crusher uniform hoodieLight grey & dark grey combo with black hood lining
  • Horizontal 3-stripe pattern mimics shoulder design of the original
  • Not guaranteed to make you suddenly appear in scenes with a solution to the biggest problem in the universe for no reason, but we will admit that owning it might make you insufferable
  • Materials: Body 70% cotton / 30% polyester, trim 97% cotton / 3% Spandex, hood lining 100% cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, inside out with like colors. Tumble dry low heat.
  • Imported

Sizing Table

Chest 44 in. 46 in. 48 in. 50 in. 52 in.
(from where hood meets shoulder)
28 in. 29 in. 30 in. 31 in. 32 in.
Sleeve Length
(from shoulder seam)
26 1/4 in. 26 3/4 in. 27 1/4 in. 27 3/4 in. 28 1/4 in.

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Source Think Geek, Wil