Galileo 3

Since the original shuttlecraft Galileo was sold at auction in June 2012, the team from new owners, Propworx, have begun preparations to restore it. This will be the second time a restoration has be done following the 1991 update. The Galileo had been stored in less than ideal conditions in Ohio for last 20 years and not showing it’s best.

galileo 2galileo 1Propworx founder Alec Peters estimates that approximately $100,000 will be needed to return the Galileo it’s former self. The project is a huge journey and joining him is collector and fan Adam Schneider, Enterprise CGI designer Doug Drexler and Daren Dochterman, production illustrator on Voyager’s first episode ‘Caretaker’. The non-profit organisation hopes to complete work on the Galileo in time to tour the US in celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, in 2016. A new home is also being sought, where fans will be able to enjoy the shuttlecraft Galileo for many years to come.

The Galileo Restoration Projects progress can be followed here.

Original source Star Trek Magazine