The-Red-Shirts-Diaries-Season-2Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman, the creators of The Red Shirt Diaries have released a teaser trailer for season 2.

Only one person can survive the voyages of the Starship Enterprise and these are her logs.

Season 2 will feature Ensign Williams in some of the most well-known Original Series episodes of all time including: Balance of Terror, Arena, Space Seed, This Side of Paradise and The City on the Edge of Forever. Their season 2 will cover the rest of The Original Series first season, 19 episodes and one extra episode “Amok Time”.

Guest stars include: Hal Rudnick, Cat Roberts, Nick Mundy, Tybee Diskin, Scott Mantz, Tiffany Smith, Chris Bramante, and Larry Nemecek!

New Episodes will be every Monday, starting in September 2015.


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