24-NIGHTFALL-01-CVR-CORRENY-A_Exploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to this week’s show which we are calling “Off the Record”.

fray-comic-book-tpb-cover-mqThis is a chance for Michael & Bunny to step away from Star Trek and discuss the comics that they love to read, stories that have stood out for them over the years and the comics they are looking forward to reading in the future.

The comics Michael & Bunny discussed were:


Fray – Dark Horse Comics
Hellraiser – Epic Comics
24 Nightfall – IDW
Astonishing X-Men Marvel Comics


Batman – The Dark Knight Returns DC comics
The Killing Joke
Death in the Family
Sherlock Holmes – The Trial of Sherlock Holmes Dynamite
Sherlock Holmes Year One
Sherlock-Holmes-HBSuperman – The Death of Superman – DC comics
Doctor Who – Ongoing series from IDW
Prisoners of Time – IDW

And coming soon from IDW The X-Files

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