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Welcome to issue five where we have our special guest host the very talented Sina from Ten Forward. This week Sina & Michael look at two issues of the Alien Spotlight series from IDW where they compare Borg & Q and discuss how the art in a comic can make or break a story.


Borg_alien_spotlight_2Holodeck Memory Bank

Issue 5: IDW Alien Spotlight: Borg

Writer: Andrew Steven Harris
Artist: Sean Murphy
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Cover artist: Zach Howard

Our Thoughts: The premise for this story is good but we found that the story was quite confusing which meant you had to go back and take a second look disrupting your enjoyment of the comic. The background art was brilliant however, the likenesses of most of the main characters were somewhat lacking.

The Final Verdict: Overall, this was not the best story to highlight the Borg.


star_trek___alien_spotlight___qIssue 5: IDW Alien Spotlight: Q

Writer: Scott & David Tipton
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Letterer: LLaria Traversi
Cover artist: Joe Corroney

Our Thoughts: This story has some great continuity to First Contact and TNG. The story moves at a great pace and the interactions between Q and Picard are exactly what you would expect in an episode of The Next Generation. The art work is very good with some great likenesses and the Enterprise-E interiors look amazing.

The Final Verdict: Overall, this was a great Q story with some great art work.