Star-Trek-Ongoing-24-Page-5Exploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives. Welcome to Issue 39 of the Holodeck.

This week’s show Bunny and Michael are joined by the editor and writer of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek comic series: Sarah Gaydos and Mike Johnson. After our panel review in 38 Bunny and Michael get the chance to ask about some of the stories from the ongoing series, the relationship between IDW and Bob Orci and we find out about the role of the editor on the series. Sarah and Mike also discuss their love of Star Trek and why the relationship between writer and editor is so important.

Expect some teasers as Sarah and Mike hint about the future of the ongoing series.

We want to thank both Sarah and Mike for coming on the show and to J.K Woodward for helping make this happen.

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Sarah Gaydos

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The Holodeck Issue 38 – IDW’s “City of on the Edge of Forever Teleplay” Mini Series


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