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Welcome to issue 34 of the Holodeck. This week we make the announcement that the Holodeck is going monthly. As you know Sina & Michael record two podcasts per week and instead of allowing the quality of either show to suffer they have decided to release the Holodeck once a month.

However, the main show will now have an extended format where each month we will now have a dedicated IDW Ongoing review as well as reviews from the archives, our ongoing TAS review, interviews with those who shape Star Trek in comics and of course our “Off the Record” shows.

ST TAS One Of Our Planets Is Missing SpockAlso we are going to introduce “Holodeck Shorts”. These will be released in the middle of each month and will be a review show only, no news, no releases etc. Simply a mini show looking at a topic, miniseries etc. For the time being the “Holodeck Shorts” will be reviewing Malibu’s DS9 series.

Sina, Michael and Bunny are confident that you will like the changes in the show and we look forward to your feedback.

This month we start our new monthly format. In the IDW Ongoing segment we review Issues 18 & 19 which are Uhura’s & Scotty’s Tales. For this month’s main show we continue our TAS review with a look at “One of our planets are missing”. We also look at your feedback, discuss the comic releases for June and Sina & Michael have quite a few laughs.

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Star Trek Ongoing 18Holodeck Memory Bank

Star Trek #18

Publisher: IDW Feb 2013
Story: Ryan Parrott
Pencils: Claudia Balboni, Erica Durante, Claudia SGC
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Our Thoughts: We both enjoyed the story but felt it was not as strong as the previous story about McCoy. We thought using the concept of hearing and listening and how that would shape Uhura’s life was interesting. The scenes of her Uncle falling into the atmosphere was well drawn and very emotive. Our scores: Story 4, Art 4.


Star Trek Ongoing 19Holodeck Memory Bank

Star Trek #19

Publisher: IDW Mar 2013
Story: Mike Johnson
Pencils: Claudia Balboni, Erica Durante, Arianna Florean, Claudia SGC
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Our Thoughts: Like Uhura’s tale this was not as strong as McCoy’s. We liked seeing some of the background to Scotty’s story but felt the idea that he was the only one who could fix the starship was somewhat contrived. The art was consistent and we both thoughts the art at the beginning was very good. Our scores: Story 4, Art 4.