Countdown_to_Darkness_issue_1_coverExploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to Issue 32 of the Holodeck. This week we finally get to review Countdown to Darkness. The four part prequel series from IDW.

Countdown_to_Darkness_issue_3_coverDuring the show we discuss how the story fits into the JJ verse and the impact it has upon Into Darkness. We also discuss how many times we are rewarded as comic fans during the film as we notice the links between Countdown and the Ongoing series.


Countdown_to_Darkness_issue_2_coverTo help us review this epic series we have Bunny Summers, Colin Higgins from Trek News & Views, and Jon Taylor from Trek Mate News.

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Countdown_to_Darkness_issue_4_coverHolodeck Memory Bank

Star Trek Countdown To Darkness

Publisher: IDW 2013

Story: Roberto Orci & Mike Johnson
Script: Mike Johnson
Artist: David Messina
Inks: Marina Castelvetro
Letterer: Chris Mowry
Cover artists: David Messina
Editor: Scott Dunbier

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