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Welcome to Issue 30 of the Holodeck. This week Sina & Dave review McCoy’s Tale from the IDW Ongoing Star Trek series.

Also it is with great regret that Dave had decided to leave the Holodeck. Sina and I will miss Dave and we both want to thank him for his support, for making the Holodeck even stronger but most of all his friendship. We will miss recording weekly with Dave but hopefully when he can Dave will return very soon.

The Holodeck Memory Bank is now going to relocate to the main show page. You can see the covers, scores for each comic we review here from now on.

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Holodeck Memory Bank

Star Trek Ongoing #17 – McCoy’s Tale

Publisher: IDW Jan 2013

Written: Mike Johnson & F.Leonard Johnson, M.D
Drawn: Claudia Balboni
Colours: Claudia SGC
Inker: Erica Durante
Cover: Tim Bradstreet
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Our Thoughts: Sina & Dave really enjoyed this story. Although they would have liked for the crewmen in sickbay to have had some sort of back story overall this was a very strong story. The character of Jenny was enjoyable and it was nice finding out more about McCoy that we never learned from TOS or the 2009 film.

The Final Verdict: A great read and we recommend this to all.