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Welcome to Issue 28 of the HoloDeck. Sina is away this week so it’s left to Dave and Michael to look at the IDW Alien Spotlight series and to focus on the Romulans & Cardassians.

We also look at the releases for May, discuss last week’s show and talk about an Enterprise comic.

We also have a message from Colin at Trek News and Views.


Romulans_alien_spotlight_2The Romulan Empire has a new ghost ship that can’t be detected by normal means. Will the Praetor use it as a weapon to thrust his people into full-blown war with the Federation – or are his motives even more sinister? A tale of loyalty, betrayal and intrigue.


Set just after the Dominion War, a black-ops band of Cardassian fundamentalists infiltrate a Starfleet Prison to assassinate the leader of the Dominion … the founder responsible for 800 million Cardassian deaths. But if justice is done, will the fallout with Starfleet plunge the Cardassians back into war?

The Holodeck Memory Bank is now going to relocate to the main show page. You can see the covers, scores for each comic we review here from now on.

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Holodeck Memory Bank

Alien Spotlight: Romulans

Publisher: IDW Feb 2008

Written & Drawn by: John Byrne
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Covers: John Byrne & Zach Howard
Editor: Chris Ryall

Our Thoughts: We really enjoyed this story. It was a great prequel to the original episode Balance of Terror and we see some interesting glimpses of Romulan society. We are both looking forward to reading the Hollow Crown. The art was good and consistent throughout the story. .

The Final Verdict: A great read and we recommend this to all.


Holodeck Memory Bank

Alien Spotlight: Cardassians

Publisher: IDW Dec 2009

Written by: Arne & Andy Schmidt
Pencils: Agustin Padilla
Colours: J. Brown
Letterer: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Our Thoughts: While we thought the premise was good we found the finished story somewhat lacking. We both felt that more could have been told about Demos which would have taken away any confusion that the reader may have. You do have to assume a lot in this story and again takes things away from the story. The art was very good although the likenesses were not as good as they could have been.

The Final Verdict: A great premise that failed to deliver but we still think you give it a go.