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Welcome to Issue 27 of the Holodeck. This week the Holodeck has to cope with a Borg invasion when we review “Hive” written by Brannon Braga. To help us review the story we have Bunny Summers with Sina joining us later on in the show.

Hive_issue_2_cover_AIn the 29th century the Borg have assimilated the entire galaxy without really know if it was worth doing. A spark of what’s left of Jean-Luc Picard awakens in Locutus and knows what must be done, starting 500 years in the past. In the 24th century, Picard is on vacation with Vash when he hears the collective calling. Returning to Starfleet Command, he learns that the Borg are massing and need to speak with Locutus of Borg. The Borg Queen brings news of a new threat, Species 1881, the Voldranaii. Failing to assimilate them, the Borg now find themselves on the run from a Voldranaii fleet with superior technology and a desire to exterminate all potential threats, including humans. The Queen sends her ambassador, Seven of Nine, to meet with Picard. In the 29th century, Locutus resurrects Data to help kill the Queen.

Hive_issue_3_cover_ADuring the show we discuss the previous week’s issue where we interviewed Joe Corroney. Also we have April’s comics releases and a message from the Gatecast.

This is a first for the Holodeck since there is disquiet in the collective as Hive splits the panel. Listen as Michael is outnumbered when discussing this epic story.

The Holodeck Memory Bank is now going to relocate to the main show page. You can see the covers, scores for each comic we review here from now on.



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Hive_issue_4_cover_AHolodeck Memory Bank

Star Trek The Next Generation: Hive

Publisher: IDW Sept 2012 – Mar 2013

Story: Brannon Braga
Script: Terry Matalas & Travis Fichett
Pencils: Joe Corroney
Inks: Claude St. Aubin
Colours: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Our Thoughts: There were some very strong reactions over the story. While Michael loved the story the rest of the panel felt that this story was simply a rehash of most of the Borg stories we have already seen. Kira Archer also caused the stir while the Seven story was quite simply daft. All agree that issue one was the strongest. One thing we all agreed on was how brilliant the art by Joe Corroney was. His art is simply stunning and is consistent & strong throughout the four issues.

The Final Verdict:This story had potential but was full of missed opportunities …