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Welcome to Issue 23 of the Holodeck. This week, while Sina relaxes on Risa Michael & Dave, are joined by Emma Whittaker & Laura Fawcett to review the Star Trek Voyager three-part miniseries “Planet Killer”.

Voyager follows a path of destruction through two star systems to find a weapon tearing apart an inhabited planet. Seven identifies the weapon as the work of Species 4672, which no longer exists. Janeway attacks the weapon to try and distract it from its destructive efforts.

Emma & Laura have not read any Star Trek comics before so find out what they think of the story & comics in general.

Look out for some very funny bloopers at the end of the show….

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Holodeck Memory Bank
Star Trek Voyager Planet Killer
Publisher: Wildstorm Mar 2001 – May 2001
Writers: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith
Pencils: Robert Teranishi
Inks: Claude St. Aubin
Colours: Romulo WildStorm FX
Letterer: Ryan Cline
Editor: Jeff Mariotte

Our Thoughts: There were mixed reactions over the story. The story does move along quite well but we felt that perhaps we needed to see more of Tam and his people. We could see this as an episode of Voyager but felt too much reliance was upon Seven to have all the answers. Some great art in the story with some amazing double-page spreads. A great flashback to the original series.

The Final Verdict: This story had potential but was missing something…