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Welcome to Issue 21 of the Holodeck. Following on from last week’s interview with Chris Roberson Sina, Dave and Michael review the Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes crossover series from IDW / DC comics.

We also look at the releases for March, discuss the historic event of “Hive” #4 finally being released. As well as that we have emails and feedback.

Also Dave tells us how he records the Holodeck along with some wonderful bloopers…

Thanks to Laura Fawcett for reading out emails and the releases.

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Star_Trek_-_Legion_of_Super-Heroes_issue_3_cover_BHolodeck Memory Bank

The Holodeck Issue 21: Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes Crossover

Star Trek Legion of Superheroes

Publisher: IDW/DC Oct 2011 – Mar 2012

Writer: Chris Roberson
Pencils: Jeffrey Moy
Inks: Phillip Moy
Colours:Romulo Fajardo
Letterer: Chris Mowry & Robbie Robbins
Cover artist: Phil Jimenez,Romulo Fajardo,Keith Giffen,Scott Koblish,Gabriel Rodriguez J.K. Woodward
Editor: Chris Ryall

Star_Trek_-_Legion_of_Super-Heroes_issue_5_cover_AOur Thoughts: This was a great story. Although we were concerned with the amount of characters within the story it does move at a great pace and takes us on a fun ride. The use of Flint, Savage and Q were great ideas and comes across well. The art was very consistent with some amazing details, character likenesses and very strong covers. This is a very strong crossover story and blends in the two universes perfectly.

The Final Verdict: We recommend that if you have not read this story then find a copy now. You won’t be disappointed!