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Welcome to Issue 20 of the Holodeck. This week Michael continues his series of interviews with those within the comic industry who have made an impact upon Star Trek in comics.

Before that Michael tells us about his visit to the Super London Comic Convention where he met friend of the show J.K Woodward. Then Sina and Michael discuss the fact that Hive issue 4 did not come out and we give a spoiler free review of the second Countdown to Darkness comic.

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Chris Roberson

Star Trek Legion of Super HeroesThis week Michael interviews Science fiction and Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson. Chris is best known is best known for alternate history novels and short stories including:

  • The Celestial Empire- series of books
  • The Bonaventure-Carmody Sequence
  • Science Fiction stories – “Wonder House” in Asimov’s Science Fiction
  • Star Trek Brave New World short story / Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes
    and Refractions (Pocket Books, 2008)

In the interview Chris tells us where his inspiration for writing comes from, hie love of Star Trek and his work on the epic Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes crossover series.

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