star_trek_animated_seriesExploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to Issue 19 of the Holodeck where we begin our look at Star Trek The Animated Series and the wonder of the Bridge Defense system.

Our decision to look at TAS came about due to forum posting:

ET.1010.StarTrek.1.jpgWe look at the history of The Animated Series, how most of the actors from the original series were brought back, the quality of the show. We also discuss how we all started watching TAS.

Then we review the first episode “Beyond the Farthest Star” where in this episode, the Enterprise crew must contend with a malevolent non-corporeal alien entity that has taken control of the ship and tries to force them to help it escape the massive gravity well of a dead star.

No feedback this week but we do discuss an email from Darren Pickles who wants us to discuss Enterprise in comics and how like other franchises like Buffy could there be a season 5 Enterprise comic?

We also have some whacky bloopers this week….

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