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Welcome to Issue 17 of the Holodeck. This week Michael continues his series of interviews with those within the comic industry who have made an impact upon Star Trek in comics.

This week Michael interviews one of the writers of the epic Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover series Scott Tipton, joining Scott is artist and friend of Trek Mate J.K Woodward.

Scott has written some brilliant comics including Buffy, Angel, Spike, Astro Boy and his Star Trek credits include:

  • Star Trek Klingons: Blood Will Tell – IDW 2007
  • Alien Spotlight: Gorns / Orions / Q– IDW
  • Star Trek TNG Intelligence Gathering – IDW
  • Star Trek Mirror Images – IDW
  • Star Trek Spock Reflections – IDW
  • Star Trek DS9 Fools Gold – IDW
  • Captains Log: Sulu – IDW
  • Khan Ruling in Hell
  • Star Trek / DW crossover

Scott is also a comic historian and co-wrote Comic Books 101.
You can find Scott:
Twitter: @Scott_Tipton
At his website Scott Tipton’s Comics 101
You can follow Scott’s comic shop: called Blast Off Comics
Twitter: @BlastoffComics
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Twitter: @JK_Woodward

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Interview copyright Michael Clark & Sina Alvarado

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