Countdown_to_Darkness_issue_1_coverExploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to Issue 16 of the Holodeck where we find everything is slightly different & Sina is now Empress of the Terran Empire….

Sina, Michael and special guest Wayne continue the IDW ongoing Star Trek comic review by looking at “Mirrored” Parts 1 & 2 but before that we have a discussion on the first issue of the Countdown to Darkness movie prequel comic to Star Trek into Darkness film. We try to avoid any spoilers and read some listener feedback on the comic.

count2dark-01-CovBMirrored. Over a couple of drinks, Scotty tries to explain the concept of jumping between alternate timelines to a stubborn McCoy. Even more bothersome is the thought of an infinite number of McCoys. While the good doctor contemplates the horror of an infinite number of Montgomery Scotts who are poets instead of engineers, a victory is celebrated in another timeline. After defeating the Klingons for the Terran Empire, Captain Spock executes Chancellor Gorkon and waits for word from Commander Kirk on the Praxis Front. However, Kirk is on a mission of revenge to Rura Penthe, where his father’s killer is still held, along with the secrets of his ship.

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Star_Trek_ongoing_issue_15_cover_AHolodeck Memory Bank

Issue 16: IDW Ongoing Star Trek #15/16 Mirrored 1 & 2

IDW – Star Trek Ongoing: Mirrored 1 & 2

Details: Publisher: IDW November / December 2012

Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Erfan Fajar
Letterer: Neil Utetake
Colourist: Ifansyah & Sakti Tuwond of Stellar Labs
Cover artist: Tim Bradstreet
Editor: Scott Dunbier

Star_Trek_ongoing_issue_16_cover_ABased on Mirror Mirror by Jerome Bixby

Our Thoughts: This story was great fun! Although we were not too keen on the “bookends” set in the JJ verse we did like this look of the “Mirror” JJ verse. Kirk’s character was a great villain and had no redeeming features. The art was consistent but some of the likenesses were “off” but the backgrounds were great, the look of the JJ verse was dark with some nice touches such as the battle Armour. Shame about the Enterprise…

The Final Verdict: We would recommend this story, it’s a good read with some interesting character development. .