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Welcome to Issue 15 of the Holodeck. This week Dave takes the lead on the show while Sina is away on detached duty in the Delta Quadrant.

DS9_TNG_comic_2_of_4We are sorry for any sounds issues in this week’s show. Hopefully they won’t detract from a good show.

This week Michael and Dave look at the first Star Trek The Next Generation / Deep Space Nine crossover comic from 1994/95.

The crew of the Enterprise gets acquainted with DS9 after ferrying several Starfleet officers to the station. When the officers disappear after entering the wormhole, Picard is placed in charge of the investigation. On Bajor, religious fundamentalists consider the wormhole’s apparent instability as a sign from the Prophets.

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DS9_TNG_comic_3_of_4Holodeck Memory Bank

Holodeck Issue 15: DS9 / TNG Crossover – 4 Part Mini Series

DS9 / TNG Crossover – Prophets and losses, Part 1 of 4

Details: Publisher: DC Comics December 1994

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman & Mike W. Barr
Artist: Gordon Purcell
Inker: Terry Pallot
Letterer: Chris Elipoulos
Colourist: Rick Taylor
Cover artist: Sonia Hillios
Editor: Margaret Clark & Mark Paniccia

DS9_TNG_comic_4_of_4Our Thoughts: This was a great concept with the two crews coming together. we felt that the story overall was good but tried to do too much by having too many sub plots, characters in the story. Also we felt the “Othersiders” were not convincing enough for the “big bad”. What we did feel that the art was amazing, some great likenesses of the main crews, great fighting scenes with Odo looking great in his many shape shifting poses. Good backgrounds which were very strong. Some great covers too.

The Final Verdict: Great art but story needed less character crossovers and more of an in depth look at the villains.