Gordon PurcellExploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to Issue 13 of the Holodeck. This week Michael continues his series of interviews with those within the comic industry who have made an impact upon Star Trek in comics.

This week Michael interviews artist Gordon Purcell. Gordon has been drawing comics for over 15 years and apart from Enterprise has drawn all the incarnations of Star Trek. Gordon gives us an insight into his work, how he is able to draw such amazing actor likenesses, talks about his set visits to the TNG set and much more.

You can see some of Gordon’s art work at the Holodeck Memory Bank

You can find Gordon at his personal website: Gordon Purcell–your comic artist pal!

Interview copyright Michael Clark


Holodeck Memory Bank

Issue 13: Interview with Gordon Purcell Samples

Gordon kindly provided some samples of his work for the interview. What do you think?

This drawing is from the IDW Star Trek Year Four series. A classic picture from the Bridge, amazing details and great likenesses of the actors.


This drawing comes from a cover of the Deep Space Nine Malibu series. Again, great detail with the actors likenesses.


This drawing comes from the IDW Star Trek: The Next Generation series: “The Last Generation”.