Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock DC ComicsExploring the Star Trek Universe through comics. Spanning four decades reviewing the newest stories & those from the comic archives.

Welcome to the very first issue of “The Holodeck”, a brand new pod dedicated to the Star Trek comics and games. Hosted by Michael Clark and Wayne Emery. In this issue we give you a look at what is to come and share how we got into the wonderful world of Trek comics.


Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock DC ComicsHolodeck Memory Bank

Issue 0: Star Trek III The Search for Spock

Story by Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett. Screenplay by Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Harve Bennett, and Nicholas Meyer.

Writer: Mike W. Barr
Penciller: Tom Sutton
Inker: Ricardo Villagran
Cover artist: Howard Chaykin

Our Thoughts: The comic manages to capture the “feel” of the “Search for Spock” really well. The art is very good with some good character likenesses and attention to detail with backgrounds.