Michael Jan FriedmanWelcome to the Captain’s Table where we have intimate chats with those who have shaped Star Trek in words…

In this edition Michael speaks to one of his childhood Star Trek novel / comic legends Michael Jan Friedman. Michael Jan Friedman is an American author of nearly sixty books of fiction and nonfiction, more than half of which are in the Star Trek universe. Mike has also written for the Aliens, Predator, Wolf Man, Lois and Clark, DC Super Hero, Marvel Super Hero, and Wishbone licensed book universes. Eleven of his book titles, including the autobiography Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Ghost Hunting (written with Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters), have appeared on the prestigious New York Times primary bestseller list, and his novel adaptation of the Batman & Robin movie was for a time the no.1 bestselling book in Poland (really). Mike has also written for network and cable television, radio, more than 150 comic books, most of them for DC Comics.

During the interview Mike tells us the influences behind his writing, how he discovered Star Trek and what it means to him. He also tells us about his experiences writing for Star Trek Voyager in the episode “Resistance”. We also look at his novels, writing the Next Generation for DC comics and his view on the JJ verse. Additionally, we look at Mike’s upcoming projects and Crazy 8 press.

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