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For chapter six of our ongoing interview series we are very pleased to present to you our interview with New York Times Best Selling author David R George III.

David R. George III is an author of several Star Trek novels. George also co-wrote the story for the first-season Star Trek: Voyager episode “Prime Factors” with Eric A. Stillwell.

George’s literary Star Trek works include novels in the Pocket DS9 series. He collaborated with Armin Shimerman on The 34th Rule, set during Deep Space Nine’s fourth season and also wrote Twilight, set after the end of the series. He authored “Olympus Descending”, one of two short novels in the book Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Volume 3 and the Star Trek: The Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins, set aboard the USS Enterprise-B in 2311, under the command of Captain John Harriman and first officer Demora Sulu, and which tells the story of the Tomed Incident. He wrote another Demora Sulu story, a novella “Iron and Sacrifice,” which appears in the Tales from the Captain’s Table anthology.

During the interview, we talk about how David discovered Star Trek, his love of writing, his Voyager episodes, writing with Armin and so much more. We also go into depth over his TOS novel Allegiance in Exile and discuss “The Fall”.

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