Welcome to the Captains’ Table where we explore the stories that have shaped Star Trek in words.

In this Chapter Roz and Michael take their first look at three of the Star Trek novellas released in 2014 and have their first ever disagreement about a book review.


Star Trek The Original Series Seasons of Light and DarknessSeasons of Light and Darkness by Michael A. Martin

Released by Pocket Books in April 2014

Author’s Page: http://authors.simonandschuster.co.uk/Michael-A-Martin/1828370


ST.TOS_.More_.Thgs_.Chnge_.Cvr_The More things change by Scott Pearson

Released by Pocket Books in June 2014

Author’s website: http://home.comcast.net/~yeahsurenet/index.html?/~yeahsurenet/bio.html&rightside


Star Trek Titan Absent Enemies

Absent Enemies by John Jackson Miller

Released by Pocket Books in February 2014

Author’s website: http://www.farawaypress.com/fiction/books/startrektitanabsentenemies.html

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