Welcome to the second chapter of The Captain’s Table. In this show, Michael interviews author Howard Weinstein. During the interview, Howard tells us how he became a writer, how he found Star Trek and of course what it was like writing Star Trek comics. We also speak about his novels, Crazy 8 Press and so much more.

Howard Weinstein’s professional writing career launched at age 19 when he sold “The Pirates of Orion” script to NBC-TV’s Emmy-winning animated Star Trek series in 1974. Howard also has a thank you credit on Star Trek IV the Voyage Home.

Over the four decades since his animated Star Trek episode, Howard’s varied credits include six Star Trek novels, three V novels, Star Trek anthology short stories and 65 Trek comics and graphic novels.
You can find Howard writing on his blog “Puppy Kisses are good for the soul”
You can find Howard at his website Day One Dog Training
You can find Howard at Crazy 8 Press

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