Welcome to the Captains’ Table where we have intimate chats with those that have shaped Star Trek in words.

Michael is joined by Star Trek author Jeffrey Lang and beaming in from Texas is Sina from the Ten Forward Book Club. Jeffrey talks about how he discovered Star Trek, how he became a writer and we get to discuss some of his amazing Star Trek stories including: “The Left Hand of Destiny” Books One and Two, “Section 31: Abyss”, “Mirror Eyes” and “Talent Night”. We also speak in depth about his story “Immortal Coil” which was the inspiration for David Mack’s “Cold Equations” Trilogy and Jeff’s new book (coming out in July) “The Light Fantastic” which is a continuation of the story from Cold Equations.

Jeffrey Lang’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/jeff.lang.338?fref=ts

Jeffrey Lang’s Author page on Simon and Shuster http://authors.simonandschuster.co.uk/Jeffrey-Lang/1801683

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