The Captain’s Table is a chance for Michael & Sina to have intimate interviews with those who have shaped Star Trek in words.

In the first chapter Sina & Michael interview author Bob Greenberger. Bob has written several Star Trek novels including The Gate Ways series, A Time to.. and many more. Some of these have been in collaboration with his good friends Peter David and Michael Jan Friedman.

During the interview, Bob tells us about his love for Star Trek, how he made the transition from being a comic book editor to novelist. We also look at two of Bob’s short stories:
“Command Codes” from the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Voyager “Distant Shores” short story anthology.
“The Landing Party” from the Fortieth Anniversary Celebration of TOS “Constellations” short story anthology.

Bob also shares his views on the JJ verse, the New 52 from DC comics and tells us his future projects including After Earth.

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