Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis is starring in a new fan-funded medical TV show called Internity. Created by Joey Adams, the show is about a misfit group of new doctors trying to survive “intern hell” at a Portland, Oregon hospital.

Also starring will be Richard Ruccolo, Carla Jimenez, Jim Beaver and Joey Adams. The pilot will be directed by Michael Dorn, who will also make a special cameo!

Joey has setup an indiegogo project to help fund the shooting of the pilot episode.

They hope to raise $100,000 to help with production and general costs of filming the pilot episode.

Internity are also offering some great rewards for people who back the project.  Here are a few of them:

  • $5 – “Couches Across America”
    • Backer, can you spare a dime? How about fifty of them? Want to help but don’t want to deal with perks? Support our “Couches Across America” campaign within a campaign for only five bucks! You’ll get rid of your loose sofa change and we’ll save money manufacturing those expensive reward perks–everyone wins! You’ll see your forgotten cushion currency turned into an actual TV SHOW and a “thank you” on Facebook to let the world know how awesome you are.
  • $10 – Customized Cover Photo
    • Want to receive updates and come behind the scenes with us? Contribute at this level and receive a CUSTOMIZED FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO! We’ll send a custom Facebook cover photo with your name within three days or receiving payment. Be Internet Famous for only ten bucks! Please note: You will begin receiving email updates immediately. However, certain content, including behind the scenes footage, etc., will not be available until the actual production shoot. This is a standalone perk.
  • $20 – Limited Edition Water Bottle
    • Look AWESOME drinking to your health with one of our Limited Edition Signature Water bottles with the internity logo and a cool scrubs top shape. You’ve gotta get this one! The bottle is a 16 fluid ounce, collapsable, reusable plastic bottle with a twist cap and carrying hook. Get ’em while you can! This is a standalone perk also available in the “Gift Shop Merch Pack.”
  • $75 – Poster & Script
    • Own one of a limited number of internity posters and an autographed original pilot script signed by the cast. Impress your friends with bundled sheets of paper signed by real-life celebrities! The poster is being made available ONLY to backers. In no time, this one pays for itself– hello, eBay! Own a piece of history! This is a standalone perk.
  • $250 – “Staff Directory Listing”
    • NAME CREDIT + DVD ! You’ll get your name (or a loved one’s name) in the end credits “Special Thanks” section! Plus, a DVD of the pilot episode so you can see your name in lights… er, pixels? Bragging rights! Makes a great gift for any TV fan. This is a standalone perk.
  • $500 – MEET the TEAM PACKAGE!
    • You’ll get a fifteen minute “house call” chat with our cast live from the internity set via SKYPE and a DVD. Hey, you’d probably spend this much to see a real doctor anyway! NOTE: This is a standalone perk which includes ONLY a house call and a DVD. The Skype call will occur during filming (TBD), we expect the DVD to ship by March, 2016.

To find out more and to back the project visit their IndieGoGo campaign

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Facebook: internityTV