IDW & Boom! Studios are set to release a new five-part story arc crossover featuring Star Trek/Planet of the Apes. Written by Scott & David Tipton, with art and a covers by Rachael Scott.

With issue one available on December 31, IDW & Boom! Studios have produced 8 variant covers.

Cover A - Rachael Stott and Charlie Kirchoff. Retailer Incentive B Cover - Tone Rodriguez and Charlie Kirchoff. Retailer Incentive A Cover - George Perez Subscription Cover - George Perez and Len O'Grady NerdBlock Exclusive Cover - Rachael Stott and Charlie Kirchoff. Cover B - Juan Ortiz  Sketch Cover Retailer Exclusive Cover - Art by John Midgley

Issue 1 will have 32 pages. Fans of variant covers should look out for covers by George Perez, a blank sketch cover variant, a Tone Rodriguez cover variant, a Juan Ortiz cover variant and a ThinkGeek cover by John Midgley.

Source IDW