Bryan Winn's 'SATYRICON'In August we reported that Bryan Winn and Eric Menyuk aka “The Traveller” from Star Trek The Next Generation, had launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a sci-fi short film called Satyricon. The article can be found here.

Satyricon is now a three time award winning Sci Fi film as voted at the End of Days Film Challenge. The film was written and directed by Bryan C. Winn.


SATYRICON takes place in the year 2061 where Earth has been ravaged by a worldwide virus that has wiped out humanity. A small band of survivors have settled lunar colonies in space. But something draws them back to Earth, where things are not what they seem.

The film stars:

  • Eric Menyuk as “Dr. Bill Traveller”
  • JohnJay Fitih as “General Decker”
  • Elissa Rowe as “Dr. Laurie Holder”
  • Dakota Kennedy as ” Cpl. Jack Rainsford”
  • James MacEwan as Lt. Len Gaff”
  • Mark Child as “Brooks Greyson”

The film has now been finished and is available to watch below.

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