Wesley Build-a-Bridge Deluxe Bobble HeadBif Bang Pow! are releasing 8 exclusive Star Trek: TNG Build-a-Bridge Bobble Head products for the up-coming San Diego Comic-Con. The first in the line is Wesley Crusher.

Product description

Starting off the line is a Convention Exclusive Wesley Crusher, available first at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Ensign Wesley Crusher was a very popular character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The son of Dr. Beverly Crusher, Wesley is shown here, seated at a detailed L-shaped console on the bridge of the Enterprise. He measures approximately 6-inches tall and features an amazing resemblance to actor Wil Wheaton!

This very special series of 8 Star Trek Build-a-Bridge Deluxe Bobble Heads connect together to form the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise! Made of resin, each stands about 7-inches tall, including the base piece, and bears a remarkable likeness to the actor who played the part in the Next Generation TV show. A new bobble in the series will be introduced by Bif Bang Pow! each month for eight months. Don’t miss a single one!

Pre-order now from EntertainmentEarth.com for $19.99

Pre-order now from Forbidden Planet.co.uk for £22.99