bobwST1GNP Crescendo Records released the Best of Both Worlds soundtrack album back in 1991 and now are releasing an Expanded Collector’s Edition CD on the 20th May.

One of the undeniable highlights of television’s Star Trek: The Next Generation (1997–1994) was the two-part episode, “The Best of Both Worlds” (the third-season cliffhanger and fourth-season opener). For composer Ron Jones, “The Best of Both Worlds” marked the apex of his impact on the first four seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation—a thrillingly dynamic symphonic score that fits the episodes like a glove. Jones’s achievement was so popular that it became only the second Next Generation soundtrack album released at the time of production.

GNP Crescendo’s 1991 soundtrack album from “The Best of Both Worlds,” containing the major cues from both episodes, was enormously popular. This Expanded Collector’s Edition, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, features the complete scores, adding the shorter, transitional moments that contain at least one piece of important thematic material missing from the original album. The 16-page booklet contains notes on both production and music by Lukas Kendall and John Takis—based on interviews with Jones and other primary source material.

Track Listing

  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title 1:49

PART I | 27:37

  1. New Providence 1:22
  2. Not Ready / Job Grabber / Early Worm / No Doubt 2:08
  3. Preparations / What Do You Want? / Fatigue / Hansen’s Message 2:12
  4. Borg Engaged 1:13
  5. First Attach / Looks / Tell It Like It Is 5:28
  6. Contemplations 0:52
  7. Borg Take Picard / Death Is Irrelevant / His Place 4:52
  8. Away Team Ready / On the Borg Ship / Nodes 5:19
  9. Captain Borg 3:55

PART II | 24:31

  1. Energy Weapon Fails 3:16
  2. Repairs / Humanity Taken 1:17
  3. Contact Lost 0:39
  4. Repairs Complete / Cemetery of Dead Ships 2:06
  5. Currents 0:56
  6. Intervention 4:26
  7. Sitting Ducks / Borg Reach Saturn 1:08
  8. The Link 2:58
  9. Sleep Command / Destruct Mode / Picard Is Back 6:24
  10. Picard’s Nightmare 1:04
  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title (3rd Season, long version) 1:04

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