tng_comStraight out of Star Trek: TNG is this inspired communicator badge, called CommBadge. CommBadge is a wearable personal communicator for iPhone and Android.

Combadges were used for on-board ship communication with other Starfleet personnel when using the internal communication system was impossible or impractical, for accessing the on-board computer when not in an area that the computer is monitoring, for ship-to-shore communications, and for direct communication to another combadge.

Product description:

Commbadge 1CommBadge is a patent pending wearable Bluetooth speakerphone for iPhone and Android. It uses the latest noise canceling chipset to minimize background noise. By combining proprietary directional and personalized speaker technology, CommBadge brings you crystal clear handsfree communication. It’s simple to use, yet amazingly convenient.

You’ll have full access to Siri and Google Now voice command functions seamlessly! Also, you can customize CommBadge with the FREE companion app for iPhone and Android.


Simply by speaking and listening through your CommBadge, while leaving your phone in a pocket, purse or backpack, you can:

  • Place and answer calls
  • Send and receive text messages (text-to-speech” through CommBadge)
  • Use your phone’s native voice commands, such as Siri, S-Voice, or Google Now, to set calendar events and reminders, get sports news, and search for information
  • Receive an alert from the Wireless Tether feature that you left your smartphone behind
  • Be notified of incoming calls, texts, calendar and social media events with customizable vibration, sound, and LED’s
  • And more, all handsfree!

The team are currently in the process of fundraising for the CommBadge on Indiegogo. So far, more than $11,690 has been raised out of $100,000 needed to get it into production. To back the project visit the Indiegogo website for more info.

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